VJ Patterson 2016

VJ Patterson in 2016.

ent Junior "VJ" Patterson is a character in Home And Away who was born during the shows run in 2001, however this was altered to 1999 in the classic soap opera retcon called SORAS, soap opera rapid ageing syndrome. VJ is the son of Vinnie Patterson and Leah Patterson-Baker and is best friends with Jett James, they are a great double act and are the modern day Lance Smart and Martin Dibble or Shane Parrish and Damian Roberts.



VJ Patterson was born in 2001 (later SORASED to 1999) to Vinnie Patterson and Leah Patterson (Nee Poulos). VJ's mums family were of Greek origin and his father was born in Summer Bay and many of his relatives lived there, including his bitchy cousin Alison Patterson, whom VJ has never met as Alison left the area in 1989. As VJ got older he became good friends with Jett James.

VJ later dated Billie Ashford.

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Birthday: November 1999 (Originally 2001)

Full Name: Vincent Patterson

Nicknames: VJ Patterson (Vincent Junior)

VJ is a distant relative of Alison Patterson and her 3 siblings, first cousin once removed.


Father Vinnie Patterson

Mother Leah Patterson-Baker

Grandfathers Ralph Patterson, Theo Poulos

Grandmothers Sarah Patterson, Helen Poulos

Uncles Dimitri Poulos, Chris Poulos, Alex Poulos

Great Uncles Tim Patterson

First cousins once removed Alison Patterson, Mav Patterson, Kim Patterson, Skye Patterson


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