Peter "Tug" O'Neale was a character in Ho
H&a tug 1993

Tug in 1993.

me And Away who first appeared in Ep 1008 (20 May 1992) and last appeared in Ep 1548 (7 Sep 1994). He was the rebellious schoolfriend and enemy of Shane Parrish. Originally a baddie, Tug mellowed when he began dating Sarah Thompson and left to help her father Matthew Thompson run his farm. Tug was played by Tristan Bancks.



Pete O'Neale was born in 1976 to Roy O'Neale and Mrs O'Neale. He was their only child, and of Irish descent.


Tug was the school bully at Summer Bay High School. He began bullying Damian Roberts. Damian's friends Blake Dean and Simon Fitzgerald back Damo up and even physically threaten him. Tug continues his harassment campaign against Damian which leads to a fight which Damian wins after Blake and Simon secretly force Tug to deliberately lose. Tug challenges Damian to a rematch, which he refuses and when Tug tries to prevent him from leaving, Damian breaks his nose. Tug reappears when his father Roy's (Mervyn Drake) bear traps injure Damian's friend ShaneHe soon got into scrapes with Shane Parrish. One time he framed him for a burglary. Tug and Shane were arch rivals Tug one time got a job helping Alf Stewart at The Stewart Store.

In 1994, Tug got closer to Sarah but her father Matthew Thompson did not approve of Tug. Matthew and Tug soon formed a bond. In September 1994, Tug got a job working for his future father in law and left Summer Bay.

In 2002, Alf said Tug and Sarah had wed and she was pregnant. They wed sometime inbetween 1994 and 2002.

As of 2017, it is unclear if Tug and Sarah had any more children.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1975

Full Name: Peter O'Neale

Nicknames: Tug


Father Roy O'Neale

Spouse Sarah Thompson (2002-)

Children 2 children (One born c2000, the second in 2003)

Aunts Mavis Brown

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