Shane Harold Parrish [1] was character in Home
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Shane Parrish, Summer Bay rebel.

And Away from Ep 1014 (28 May 1992) to Ep 1878 (13 Mar 1996). He was one of the most popular characters in the show and his relationship with Angel Parrish was seen as The Scott and Charlene of the 1990s, a nod to the famous Neighbours couple of the 1980s. Originally a bad boy, Shane mellowed over time. He was a good friend of Damian Roberts. Shane died as a result of blood poisoning in 1996. He was played by Dieter Brummer.



Shane Parrish was born in 1976, the youngest son of Philip Parrish and Ros Parrish. Shane had an older brother Nick Parrish. Ros was more into her law career than bringing up her 2 sons so Phillip helped bring them up. Ros later left. Shane became a tearaway as he got older.


In May 1992, Shane Parrish turned up in Summer Bay and was a local tearaway. He wreaked havoc but formed a friendship with Damian Roberts and Damian got involved in some of Shane's pranks. In 1993, Shane began dating Angel Brooks. Shane and Angel both lodged with Donald Fisher at his house. Shane formed enemies with Tug - Pete O'Neale. They often scrapped in the school corridors, especially if Tug made advances towards Angel. In 1994, Jack Wilson arrived and was a new rival for Shane. Their schoolyard fights often ended in them getting detention or a suspension. Shane matured throughout 1994 and him and Angel finally married in 1995.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1976

Died: 13 March 1996 (septic poisoning)

Full Name: Shane Harold Parrish

In 1995, Shane's middle name of Harold was revealed. Angel thought it sounded sexy.


Father Philip Parrish

Mother Ros Parrish

Siblings Nick Parrish

Spouse Angel Brooks (1995-1996)

Children Shane Parrish Jnr (female) (1996)

Stepsons Dylan Parrish