H&a sandie barlow

Sandra Barlow.

Sandra Barlow was a minor character in Home And Away in 1988. She was the daughter of deranged road worker Sam Barlow who killed his wife Kerry Barlow in Episode 65 (15 April 1988). Sandra was played by Catherine McColl-Jones.




Sandra Barlo was a student at Summer Bay High School and started dating Steven Matheson. Her father Sam Barlow disapproved of this and often used to menace Steven. Sometimes Sandra used to cover up the fact that she had been to see Steven such as sneaking out. Sam used to beat her and her mother Kerry up. In April 1988, Sam shot his wife dead by accident during an armed standoff. Sandra was taken into foster care and left Summer Bay, saying an emotional farewell to Stevo. She never returned.

In 2000, her identity was changed when her father was due for release. Sandra has never returned to Summer Bay.

As of 2017, Sandra's whereabouts are unknown and she has not been mentioned.


Father Sam Barlow

Mother Kerry Barlow