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Sam Barlow.

Sam Barlow was a minor character in Home And Away in 1988. He was the road manager boss of Tom Fletcher. Sam was a dangerous man and was abusive to his wife Kerry Barlow which resulted in her being shot dead. Sam was played by Jeff Truman, who later returned as Matthew Thompson, a character similar to Sam and father of Sarah Thompson.



Sam Barlow was born in about 1950 and married Kerry in about 1972. They had a daughter Sandra Barlow in 1974. Sam worked as a successful businessman but his business went bust and the family were left in financial ruin. Sam became a much darker and more menacing man.

The 1988Edit

Sam Barlow took on Tom Fletcher as a worker of his road gang, which Tom had got by speaking to local councillor Mervin Baldivis. Sam took an instant dislike to Tom and kept on scrutinising him and even taunting him. Sam was abusive towards his daughter Sandra Barlow yet often warned her schoolfriends off her, especially Steven Matheson. Sam taunted Tom about Carly Morris being raped, saying she had it coming. This lead to a massive fight between Tom and Sam, and Sam backed down after being bested in the altercation. Tom threw in his job and Sam was sacked as the foreman. Sam began harassing Tom's wife Pippa Fletcher and started abusing his wife Kerry Barlow and daughter Sandra. Sam had a vendetta against the Fletchers. During an armed standoff in April 1988, Sam accidentally shot his wife dead. He was sent to prison and his reign of terror in Summer Bay was over.

As of 2017, 29 years since his imprisonment, Sam has probably been released but has not returned to Summer Bay.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: Unknown

Full Name: Samuel Barlow

In 2000, it was revealed that Sam's daughter Sandra Barlow changed her identity so as not to be tracked down by Sam once he was released from prison.

As of 2018, it is likely Sam was released from prison several years ago and has not returned to Summer Bay.

In 1993 Jeff Truman returned as backward farmer Matthew Thompson, father of Sarah Thompson


Spouse Kerry Barlow (??-1988)

Children Sandra Barlow (1974)