Roger Oakley [1] an New Zealand Australian act
H&a tommie fletcher 1988

Roger Oakley as the late Tom Fletcher in 1989

or who played original character Tom Fletcher from 1988 to 1990. Roger, already a veteran actor was given the role aged 45, and was much older than Vanessa Downing Who was only at the time. Roger has played many other TV roles as well as acting in the theatre and film. Now aged in his mid 70s, he still continues to appear in small roles and has been a voice over.

Pre Home And Away careerEdit

Roger Oakley was born on the 21 August 1943 in New Zealand. He moved to Australia and began acting in 1968. Rogers credits are to extensive to list, but he appeared in shows such as The Sullivans and Prisoner and A Country Practice, as well as film Sleeping Dogs in his native New Zealand

Home And Away 1988-1990Edit

Roger played patriarch Tom Fletcher from 1987 to 1990. Roger lefted he show in early 1990 by exec producer Des Monaghan. Television wbsite Lowculture even named him "one of the nicest dad's in soap opera"

After Home And AwayEdit

Roger has had roles in Blue Heelers and Neighbours. He also has turned his hand to directing.


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