Nicolle Dickson is
H&a bobby

Nicolle Dickson as Bobby Simpson in 1989.

an Australian actress who played Bobby Marshall in Home And Away from 1988 to 1993, and again in 1995 when her character appeared as a hallucination by Ailsa Stewart in the memorable episode where Bobby came out of the fridge.

Pre Home And Away careerEdit

Nicolle Dickson was born in 1969 and spent her childhood in Sydney. She grew up in Paddington, a Sydney suburb. In March-June 1987 casting was underway for Home Aad  Away. Aged 18 in June 1987, Nicolle auditioned for the role of Bobby Simpson. She won the role and the pilot episode of Home And Away was filmed the following month.

Home And Away 1988-1993, 1995Edit

For 6 years, Nicolle played Bobby SImpson, later Marshall who went from wayward aggressive teen to mature full time wife and mother. In 1993, Nicolle decided to leave the show to pursue other projects so her character was killed off in a boating accident.

In 1995, Nicolle did agree to return as Bobby, and no she was not bought back from the dead, she appeared as a hallucination to Ailsa who was having a breakdown after being attacked by a young man in the diner. Nicolle was heavily pregnant at the time so only her face was shown. The scene of Bobby coming out of the fridge is considered one of the most iconic H&A moments of all time.

After Home And AwayEdit

In 2006 Nicolle Dickson quit acting all together and now works as an accountant and book keeper.


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