Nico Pappas was a mi
H&a nico june 1988

Nico Pappas (June 1988)

nor character in Home And Away in 1988. He was an autistic boy of Greek descent who lived in Summer Bay with his grandmother Mrs Pappas. Although the butt of many's joke's, he was generally well liked in the community, especially by The Fletchers. Nico was played by Nicholas Papademetriou.



Nico Pappas was born in Australia to Greek immigrant parents. Nico's parents died when he was young, they were on their way to Greece for a holiday and the plane crashed. Nico's his paternal grandmother Mrs Pappas raised him. Nico was autistic but lead quite a normal life, running the Pappas Farm.


In February 1988, Lynn Davenport sought refuge at the Pappas farm after she ran away from her new foster family, the Fletchers. She confiscated his pills as she thought they stopped him from getting better naturally. He later found them but was admitted to a mental hospital after he attacked Donald Fisher off guard.

In June 1988 Nico attended Roo and Frank's non wedding. He was never seen again after that.

As of 2017, Nico may still live in Summer Bay but this is uncertain.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: Unknown, about 1960-1965

Full Name:


Father Mr Pappas

Grandmothers Mrs Pappas