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Original character Neville "Nev" McPhee in early 1988

Neville "Nev" McPhee, was a character in Home And Away from Episode 0 (Episode Pilot) (17 January 1988) to Episode 260 (10 March 1989). He was one of the elder residents of Summer Bay and mixed quite well with the youngsters. In 1989, Neville and Floss left to join the circus performance act again and Neville never returned to Summer Bay. Wife Floss, returning in 2000, for Sally's wedding storyline stated he had passed away four year previous due to a heart ailment in 1996., Floss returned sporadically in between 2000 and 2008. Neville was played by the late Frank Lloyd.


Neville McPhee
Character Profile
Birthday: prior to 1927
Birthplace: Australia
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: At least 1 sibling
Spouse: Floss McPhee (1949-1996)
Children: Scott McPhee (c1953)
Occupation: Circus Strongman
Played By: Frank Lloyd


Neville McPhee was born in the 1920s in Australia, of Scottish descent. He was born around 1927 (In March 1988 he was over 60). His father used to be a show business clown in the circus. His father used to beat him a few times as a child and his siblings. Neville took up a career as a circus performer. He served in World War II and married Floss (Unknown maiden name) in May 1949. Floss was only about 17 when she wed older Neville. They had a son Scott McPhee soon after. The family were always on the move due to working as circus workers. They lived in an old wagon-style caravan.


H&a neville 1988

Neville McPhee in early 1988.

Memorable infoEdit

Date of birth: Unknown, about 1927

Died: c. 1996 (heart attack)

Full Name: Neville McPhee

Nickname: Nev

Neville's date of birth has never been fully established in the serial but in Episode 38 (9 March 1988) his wife Floss McPhee said he is 60 odd, which means he was over 60, so born before 1927.

Neville had a Scottish surname and liked playing the bagpipes, so it is probable he is of Scottish ancestry.

In Episode 51 (28 March 1988) Neville says his father used to abuse "us kids with a leather belt". This indicates Neville had siblings.


Spouse Floss McPhee (1949-1996)

Children Scott McPhee (c1953)

Grandchildren Ben McPhee

First cousins 1 cousin

Siblings At least 1

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