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Marilyn Chambers in 2013.

Marilyn "Maz" Chambers is a character in Home And Away who first appeared in May 1989 (Episode 309). She is one of the longest serving characters although she has not appeared continuously. She left in 1992 and returned in 1995, left in 1999, made a guest appearance in 2001 and returned again in 2009. Maz is quite ditzy and a bit of a gossip. Maz is played by Emily Symons.


Marilyn Chambers
Character Profile
Birthday: 1968
Birthplace: Sydney
Father: George Davidson
Mother: Heather Davidson
Siblings: None
Spouse: Phil Bryant (1992-1995)
Donald Fisher (1996-2001)
John Palmer (2014-)
Children: Byron Fisher (1999)
Jett Palmer (adoptive, 2014)
Occupation: Waitress
Shop assistant
Salon owner
Played By: Emily Symons



H&a ep 309

Marilyn's first appearance (with Peter Vroom and Vanessa Downing)

Marilyn arrived in May 1989 in Summer Bay at The Bayside Diner. She was dating Lance Smart and came to see him in Summer Bay. Marilyn returned to the city but later decided to move to Summer Bay. She makes a play for Lance's best friend Martin Dibble. Maz later gets a job at The Bayside Diner.




Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 29 March 1969

Full Name: Marilyn Chambers (later Bryant and Fisher)

Nicknames: Maz, Mazza


Father George Davidson

Mother Heather Davidson

Spouse Phil Bryant (1992-1995), Donald Fisher (1996-2001), John Palmer (2014-)

Children Byron Fisher (1999), Jett James (2014, adoptive)

Aunts Jean Chambers

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