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Leah Patterson-Baker in 2011.

Leah Patterson Baker (nee Paolos) is a character in Home And Away who was first seen in Ep 2793 (22 Mar 2000). She is one of the longest serving female characters in the show. Leah has been involved in many high profile storylines since her arrival. As she is now 37, she is becoming one of the future matriarchs of the show. Leah has been in the show for 16 years now so is one of the longest serving characters. She is played by Ada Nicodemou.



Leah Poulos was born in February 1979 in Australia to Greek parents. She was born to Theo Poulos and Helen Poulos. Leah had 3 brothers, Dimitri Poulos, Chris Poulos and Alex Poulos.


H&a 25 jan 2001

Leah marries Vinnie in 2001.

Chatty Leah Poulos was walking along a country lane when Vinnie Patterson picked her up. She was too chatty and in the end Vinnie offended Leah by saying this. They started dating though and married in February 2001. They had a son Vincent Patterson Junior, known as VJ, in late 2001 (Later SORASEd to 1999).

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: February 1979

Full Name: Leah Patterson-Baker


As Leah was once wed to Vinnie Patterson, she is a cousin in law to Alison Patterson, original school bitch in the first season and start of the shows second season.



Father Theo Poulos

Mother Helen Poulos

Siblings Alex Poulos, Dimitri Poulos, Chris Poulos

Spouse Vinnie Patterson (2001-2005), Dan Baker (2005-08) Zac McGuire (2015-)

Children VJ Patterson (1999)

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