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Lance Smart in 1988.

Lance Smart was a character in Home And Away from January 1988 (Pilot Episode) to April 1990 (Episode 513), followed by guest appearances in every year from 2000 to 2006, last appearing in the 2006 season finale. Lance formed a double act with fellow brainless friend Martin Dibble, what would be considered a "bromance" in todays society. Both wreaked havoc in Summer Bay. Lance was played by Peter Vroom.



Lance Smart was born in 1968 to Les and Colleen Smart. Lance was their only child. As he grew up he became friends with fellow Summer Bay resident Martin Dibble and the two cheeky youngsters caused havoc in the Bay with their pranks. In 1985 Donald Fisher expelled them from Summer Bay High School.

1988-1990, 2000-2006Edit

Lance and his friend Martin Dibble worked for Clive Fisher at his oyster farm. The two delinquents terrorised Summer Bay with their wind ups and pranks. In January 1988 they teased Carly Morris and Bobby Simpson and Carly released the handbrake on their truck. It rolled down the hill and crashed into Walter Bertram's car as he was backing out of the school. Clive fired them. Lance and Martin's get rich quick schemes rarely worked and often ended up in disaster. However, in July 1988, Lance won $500'000. He started spending it on fast cars, and was even seen as "The Bank Of Lance" by Summer Bay residents, they kept asking him for loans. Lance soon blew the money.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1968

Full Name: Lance Smart

First Line: "Yeah, right, check it out!" (to Martin, when they see Carly and Lynn for the first time)

Last Line:

Lance is the half cousin of Bobby Marshall and Alan Fisher. They all share 1 grandfather, Gordon Stewart, through a relationship he had with Lance's gran before he married Bobby and Alan's gran.


Father Les Smart

Mother Colleen Smart

Siblings Maureen Evans (Half, same mother)

Spouse Debbie Smart (2000-)

Grandfathers Gordon Stewart

Grandmothers Mavis Hickie

Great grandfathers Duncan Stewart Snr

Children Maggie Smart

Uncles/Aunts Alf Stewart, Morag Bellingham, Barbara Fisher, Celia Stewart, Debra Stewart, Roy Smart

Cousins Roo Stewart, Duncan Stewart, Quinn Jackson, Owen Dalby, Bobby Marshall, Alan Fisher, Rebecca Nash, Narelle Smart

First cousins once removed Martha MacKenzie, Bryce Stewart, Ryder Jackson, Ric Dalby, Jennifer Atkinson, Seb Miller

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