Jett James is a charac
H&a jett 2015

Jett James.

ter in Home And Away who is the foster son of John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers. He first appeared in Ep 5511 (7 May 2012). Originally a tearaway, Jett has mellowed and formed a friendship with VJ Patterson. Jett is played by Will McDonald.



Jett was born on the 1st May 1998 although he grew up thinking he was born on the 1st May 1999.


Jett arrived in Summer Bay in 2012. Originally a bit of a villain, he stole a tourists wallet then stole VJ Patterson's shirts. He soon mellowed once he was taken in by John Palmer.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 12th May 1998 (Originally 1999)

Full Name: Jett James (Alias Palmer)


Father Richard Bozic

Mother Liz James

Adoptive father John Palmer

Adoptive mother Marilyn Chambers

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