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Jeff Truman.

Jeff Truman was an Australian actor and scriptwriter who played 2 minor but memorable roles in Home And Away in 1988 as villainous Sam Barlow and as tough farmer Matthew Thompson in 1993-1994. Jeff has also written scripts for the show. He has also written scripts for Neighbours.


Pre Home And AwayEdit

Jeffrey Maxwell Truman was born on the 4th November 1957. He worked as a scriptwriter for Neighbours in 1986.

Home And Away 1988 (Sam Barlow)Edit

H&a sam barlow

Jeff Truman as Sam Barlow.

Jeff played villainous Sam Barlow in 1988 for a few months.

After Home And AwayEdit

Home And Away 1993-1994 (Matthew Thompson)Edit

Jeff returned to H&A in 1993 as Matthew Thompson, this time he was not as villainous as Barlow but was a bit of a rogue like him. He was pretty rough and ready like Barlow. In the end he warmed to Tug and offered him a job at his farm.

Scriptwriting career (including Home And Away)Edit

Jeff wrote many episodes of Neighbours while flitting between writing and acting in both Neighbours and Home And Away.

Jeff died in December 2014 aged 57.