Jeffrey "Jeff" Samuels
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Jeff Samuels, tyrant teacher.

was a recurring character in Home And Away who first appeared in Episode 25 (19 February 1988) and last appeared in Episode 218 (16 November 1988). He was the older brother of Gary Samuels and was a teacher at Summer Bay High School. Jeff did show occasional villainous tendencies and could be a bit ruthless. Jeff was played by Alex Petersons.



Jeffrey Samuels was born in 1959 to Clyde Samuels and Rose Samuels. Jeff grew up in Summer Bay and saw Danny King (Pippa's brother) play in cricket before he went to war in Vietnam. In 1968, Jeff was blessed with a younger brother Gary Samuels. Rose and Clyde died tragically in 1983.


Jeff Sam
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Jeff Samuels.

uels was a PE teacher at Summer Bay High and began taunting Steven Matheson which ended up in Steve punching him, and getting many detentions for doing so. Jeff had a bit of a tyrannical streak but was not afraid to cut corners. In October 1988, Alison Patterson tried to implicate his brother Gary Samuels in a robbery at The Macklin Group and Jeff warned her off.

Gary Samuels committed suicide in November 1988. Jeff thought Carly had pushed him but witnesses say Gary did fall. A distraught Jeff tied up a few loose ends, making amends with Steven and apologising to Carly before deciding to start afresh and leave Summer Bay for good.

As of 2018, Jeff has never returned to Summer Bay and what has become of him is uncertain.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1959

Full Name: Jeffrey Samuels

First Line "Bell's gone. Or are you lot deaf?" (to Steven and Bobby)

Final Line "Yeah, well that's my problem. You know, even if it cleans me out, at least I'll be able to walk out of this dump with my head head high. Well, I'd like to say it was fun knowing you all, but it wasn't." (to Stacey, Philip and Tom)


Father Clyde Samuels

Mother Rose Samuels

Siblings Gary Samuels