1999 was Home & Away's 12th season and 13th year in production.
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Opening title caption used throughout 1999.

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Main charactersEdit

New Main Character Arrivals

  • Nick Smith (March)
  • Ken Smith (April)
  • Peta Janossi (May)
  • Mitch McColl (July)
  • Shauna Bradley (August)
  • Harry Keller (September)
  • Judith Ackroyd (October)
  • Edward Dunglass (October)

Departures of Main Characters

  • Tiegan Brook (March)
  • Joey Rainbow (May)
  • Chloe Fraser (August)
  • Rebecca Nash (August)
  • Travis Nash (August)
  • Adam Cameron (September)
  • Marilyn Fisher (October)

Main Character Returns

  • Aaron Welles (January)
  • Adam Cameron (July)
  • Colleen Smart (September)

Minor charactersEdit

Who Lived Where?Edit