1996 was Home And Away's 9
H&a 1996 titles

Opening title caption used throughout 1996.

th season and 10th year in production. This year was the continuation of the "Golden Era" of the show however this year was a transitional year as we finally waved goodbye to the 4 year long Shane Parrish and Angel Parrish era, as Shane died from a infection after an accident and ANgel met a new man and emigrated to England.

New arrivals included

Prev Year Home And Away in 1995

Next Year Home And Away in 1997


Main charactersEdit

  • Michael Ross (until April)
  • Pippa Ross
  • Shane Parrish (until March)
  • Angel Parrish
  • Jack Wilson (until May)
  • Curtis Reed
  • Shannon Reed
  • Selina Roberts
  • Alf Stewart
  • Ailsa Stewart
  • Donald Fisher
  • Sally Fletcher
  • Irene Roberts
  • Marilyn Chambers
  • Kelly Watson
  • Travis Nash
  • Steven Matheson (until November)
  • Chloe Richards
  • Alex Bennett

New Main Character Arrivals

  • Liam Tanner (April)
  • Jesse McGregor (May)
  • Stephanie Mboto (June)
  • Joey Rainbow (June)
  • Casey Mitchell (July)

Departures Of Main Characters

  • Shane Parrish (March)
  • Michael Ross (April)
  • Jack Wilson (May)
  • Steven Matheson (November)

Main Character Returns

Minor characters Edit

Who Lived Where?Edit


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