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Opening title caption used throughout 1994.

1994 was Home And Away's 7th year in production. This year saw the departure of Tug - Pete O'Neale and saw some new arrivals including Rob Storey, Donna Bishop, Curtis Reed and Shannon Reed.

1994 is a year of the show that is apt to be slated as the "Boring Year" of the show but 1994 was when the show was more of a sitcom as it was funnier than usual as it featured many comic storylines and iconic characters such as Shane Parrish and Angel Brooks.

229 new episodes were broadcast in 1994.

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Main charactersEdit

New Main Character Arrivals

Departures Of Main Characters

  • Adam Cameron (March)
  • Haydn Ross (April)
  • Finlay Roberts (May)
  • Nick Parrish (June)
  • Luke Cunningham (July)
  • Tug O'Neale (September)
  • Sarah Thompson (October)

Main Character Returns

Minor charactersEdit

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