H&a 1993 titles

Opening title caption used throughout 1993.

1993 was Home And Away's 6th year in production. This year saw the departure of long running characters like Sophie Simpson and more importantly, Bobby Marshall in August, which was on of the major highlights of the year. Other major storylines included baby Dale Ross's cot death and the start of the Shane Parrish and Angel Brooks romance, the best Aussie soap romance since Scott and Charlene.

New arrivals included the permanent return of Irene Roberts played by Lynne McGranger instead of Jacqui Phillips.

Andrew Howie was Exec Producer throughout this year.

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Next Year Home And Away in 1994


  • January, Shane Parrish gets into scrapes with his cellmate Knuckes while in Juvenile Hall
  • January, Sophie Simpson decides to leave Summer Bay with her daughter Tamara. She is seen off at Sydney Airport.
  • February, baby Dale Ross is born but dies soon after of cot death

Main charactersEdit

New Main Character Arrivals

Departures Of Main Characters

Main Character Returns

Minor charactersEdit

Who Lived Where?Edit

  • The Stewart House - Alf Stewart, Ailsa Stewart, Duncan Stewart, Blake Dean (until February), Roxanne Miller (until September), Sarah Thompson (From February)
  • Summer Bay House - Pippa Ross, Michael Ross, Sally Fletcher, Christopher Fletcher, Sophie SImpson (until January), Finlay Roberts, Damian Roberts, Dale Ross (February-April), Sam Marshall (From November)
  • The Beach House - Bobby Marshall (until August), Greg Marshall (until September), Sam Marshall (until September), Adam Cameron (until August) Sarah Thompson (Jan-February) Tug O'Neale (from March)
  • The Fisher House - Donald Fisher, Nick Parrish, Shane Parrish, Angel Brooks (from April)
  • Laura Brennan's Shack - Laura Brennan (Jun-Jul), Adam Cameron (from September), Irene Roberts (from November), Nathan Roberts (from November)


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