H&a 1988 titles

The opening title caption used in 1989.

1989 was Home And Away's 2nd year in production. This season saw the departure of 4 original characters, Neville McPhee, Floss McPhee, Frank Morgan and Roo Stewart. New arrivals included Marilyn Chambers and Emma Jackson. Supporting characters like Alison Patterson and Gordon Macklin left this year.

Des Monaghan was the Executive Producer throughout 1989.

220 new episodes were broadcast in 1989.

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Main charactersEdit

New Main Character Arrivals

  • Marilyn Chambers (May)
  • Adam Cameron (June)
  • Viv Newton (July)
  • Emma Jackson (September)

Departures Of Main Characters

  • Floss McPhee (March)
  • Neville McPhee (March)
  • Frank Morgan (June)
  • Roo Stewart (July)
  • Colleen Smart (July)
  • Morag Bellingham (November)

Main Character Returns

  • Colleen Smart (June)

Minor charactersEdit

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