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The opening title caption used in 1988.

1988 was Home And Away's 1st year in production. The show began on the 17th January 1988 so ran for almost a whole year's worth of episodes. The first season established all the major characters and the families such as The Fletchers, McPhee's, Fishers and Stewarts. Notable supporting characters were the Macklin family members and Alison Patterson.

Alan Bateman was the executive producer until Episode 214 (10 November 1988) and was replaced by Des MonaghanJohn Holmes was Series Producer throughout 1988.

229 new episodes were broadcast in 1988.

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Home And Away kicked off in January 1988 as a show revolving around the Fletcher couple, Tom Fletcher and Pippa Fletcher and the various troubled teens they took under their wing, Frank Morgan, Bobby Simpson, Carly Morris and Sally Keating, the latter later being adopted by Tom and Pippa rather than just fostered. The other main characters were Donald Fisher, Alf Stewart and Ailsa Hogan, and Lance Smart and his equally brainless partner in crime Martin Dibble who loved winding up the residents and dabbling in petty schemes. Other main characters were Steven Matheson, Matt Wilson and Lynn Davenport, the latter being fostered by the Fletchers. And last but not least, Neville McPhee and his busybody wife Floss McPhee who lived in a caravan at Summer Bay caravan park.

Main charactersEdit

New Main Character Arrivals

Departures Of Main Characters

Main Character Returns

  • Matt Wilson - November

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Main Locations Featured This YearEdit

  • Summer Bay House (kitchen/lounge, Tom and Pippa's bedroom, Steven & Frank's room, Carly/Lynn/Bobby's room, front driveway)
  • Hogan's General Store (Main store, accomodation annexe)
  • Summer Bay High School (classrooms, corridors, Bertram's office, Don's office, school exterior)
  • Summer Bay Caravan park (Floss and Nev's caravan, Bobby's caravan Lance and Martin's caravan, Lance's mobile home, dirt tracks near caravans)
  • The Stewart House (Lounge, dining room, hallways)
  • The Beach (beach area, surfers area, bench near surf club and grocery store, access path to beach)
  • The Bayside Diner (First seen in November), diner area, jukebox, counter, kitchen area)