Frank Jonathan Morgan [1] was a character in Ho
H&a frazza morgan

Frank Morgan.

me And Away from Episode 0 (Episode Pilot) (17 January 1988) to 1990, followed by returns in 1991 and 2002. He was one of the original characters of the show and was often in trouble with Alf Stewart for seeing his daughter Roo Stewart behind his back. Frank was played by Alex Papps.




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Birthday: 1969

Full Name: Frank Jonathan Morgan

First Line: "How's it going?" (to Pippa)

Last Line:


Father Les Morgan (Mario Kery, appeared episode 23 November, 1988)

Mother Helena Morgan (Lee Sanderson, appeared episode 23 November 1988 )

Spouse Bobby Simpson (1989-1990), Roo Stewart (1990-1991)

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