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Floss McPhee looking bemused.

Floss McPhee was a character in Home And Away from Episode 0 (Episode Pilot) (17 January 1988) to Episode 260 (10 March 1989) followed by appearances in 2000 and 2008. She was the wife of Neville McPhee and the grandmother of Ben McPhee.

Floss was played by Sheila Kennelly.


Floss McPhee
Character Profile
Birthday: c. 1932
Birthplace: England
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: Neville McPhee (1949-1996)
Children: Scott McPhee (c1953)
Occupation: Circus Performer
Played By: Sheila Kennelly


Floss was born in around 1932. She met and married Neville McPhee in May 1949 and they had a son Scott McPhee in about 1953. Floss and Neville were circus performers.


H&a floss

Floss McPhee.

Floss McPhee was a flighty gossipy woman who was a bit of a busybody and thought she could predict the future. She predicted that Bobby Simpson would cause the death of one of the Fletcher foster children.

In 1989, Floss and Neville left Summer Bay to go back on the circus game again. Neville died in 1996 aged about 70.

Floss did not return to Summer Bay until 2000.

Memorable infoEdit

Date of birth: About 1932

Full Name: Floss McPhee


Floss' age has never been explicitly stated but one magazine in the 1990s said she was born in 1926. That would have made her 62 in 1988 yet she looked much younger. In May 1988, her and Nev did celebrate 39 years of marriage but Floss could have been 17 or 18. Neville was definitely born before March 1928 as Floss said he was "60 odd" in a March 1988 episode.


Spouse Neville McPhee (1949-1996)

Children Scott McPhee (c1953)

Grandchildren Ben McPhee

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