Finlay Roberts was a charact
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Finlay Roberts.

er in Home And Away who was first seen in Ep 858 (18 Sep 1991). She is the daughter of Irene Roberts and her ex husband Murdoch Roberts. She is the sister of Nathan Roberts and Damian Roberts. Fin was the first member of the Roberts family to appear in the show. She lived at Summer Bay House for a while and sometimes clased with Sally Fletcher. Fin was played by Tina Thomsen.



Finlay Roberts was born in 1974, the second child of Murdoch Roberts and Irene Roberts. She had a brother Damian Roberts born in 1976. Their father was a pretty lousy father and the mother Irene was an alcoholic.


Finlay arrived in Summer Bay in 1991 with her brother Damo. She often clashed with Sally Fletcher when she lived at Summer Bay House. One time Sally laid into Finlay saying she thinsk she owns the place. Finlay stuck up for Adam Cameron after he accidentally killed Bobby Marshall in a boating accident.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1974

Full Name: Finlay Roberts

Fans of Home And Away have nicknamed her "Fringelay" due to her famous fringe.


Father Murdoch Roberts

Mother Irene Roberts

Siblings Nathan Roberts, Damian Roberts

Spouse Barry Michaels

Children Paul Roberts, Mark Roberts

Aunts Wendy McFarlane

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