H&a ep 84
Tom Fletcher carries Pippa Fletcher into the lounge of Summer Bay House and calls the doctor. Bobby Simpson feels shame and considers running away but Floss McPhee talks her round, saying the bike crash was an accident. Pippa is OK. Bobby worries that Floss's tarot card reading has some truth in it, from months ago when she predicted Bobby would cuase the death of someone in the Fletchers. The unborn baby is fine according to tests at Northern District Hospital, Yabbie Creek. Frank talks to Roo at Summer Bay High School to say her father Alf Stewart has given approval of their wedding and Flathead threatens to call the police if Frank does not leave the premises. Alison Patterson reveales to all in class that Roo is pregnant. Don talks to Alf about how Roo's schoolwork is sub standard and how he disapproves of her marrying Frank. Alf reminds Don of how Alf's father Gordon Stewart was towards Don 19 years ago when he said he wanted to marry Barbara. Don says he was a few years older than them but Alf said only a couple of years. Floss does another tarot card reading and thinks Bobby will cause the death of someone in the Fletcher household.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Craig Wilkins

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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Next Ep Episode 85 (13 May 1988)Edit

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