H&a ep 62
Roo Stewart returns to Summer Bay and asks her father Alf Stewart if she can stay. He agrees, as long as she does not cause any more trouble for Ailsa Hogan. She apologises to her, saying she was scared at the time of her father being engaged again. Donald Fisher says to the boys and girls in class that this time he wants better standards of learning and higher marks. Some of them laugh but Don says they should take it seriously as it is no picnic from now on. While alone, Ailsa says that she still cannot trust Roo and that if she tries to stop her engageent to Alf, she will have a fight on her hands. In class Steven reads out his poem about Sandra BarlowCarly Morris tells Lynn that her dad did not want her to return to him. Lynn is upset. Walter Bertram returns to his role as principal at Summer Bay High School after his time off, he is complaining of headaches after the accident a few months before. He accuses Don of muscling in on the school and hankering for his job as principal. Back at Summer Bay House, Lynn says she does not want to talk about her father to Carly. She tells Tom and Pippa then tells Carly she can sleep in her bedroom again as long as she does not mention Barry. Brett Macklin visits Alf, when Alf leaves, Brett and Roo chat and she says she is not having the abortion and will marry Frank Morgan and let him think the baby is his.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Bruce Hancock

Series Producer -

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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Next Ep Episode 63 (13 April 1988)Edit

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