H&a ep 61
Alf Stewart takes Roo Stewart back to boarding school in the city. Roo is still shocked that she is pregnant but does not tell her father. When Alf drives off, Roo phones Brett Macklin. Tom Fletcher says to Pippa Fletcher that when Lynn Davenport's real father drops her off he wants to meet them as well. Lynn is hopeful her dad will take her back. Roo meets Brett in the park and says that she is pregnant. Brett wants her to have an abortion, he even offers to pay the bills but she says she is keeping the baby. Lynn's father Barry Davenport says that he feels Lynn is better of staying with Tom and Pippa. Carly overhears them. Brett goes to pick roo up outside the school but she gets into a taxi and asks the driver to drive. Brett gets out of his car and watches, calling after Roo.


Main cast

Guest cast

WriterBruce Hancock

Series producer - John Holmes

Exec producer - Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 60 (8 April 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 62 (12 April 1988)Edit


First appearance of Brett Macklin.

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