Bobby Simpson gets dressed in makeup for the d
H&a ep 58
ance tonight but Carly Morris sees her and laughs at her in front of Tom Fletcher and Pippa Fletcher. Bobby runs off crying. Steven Matheson visits Sandra Barlow in hospital and gives her a present. They share a kiss. Everyone has a ball at the dance and Pippa and the band sing "Living In Summer Bay". The Nutter hangs around outside the hall during the dance while Lance and Martin eye up some of the girls. Back at Summer Bay House, after being told by Frank about her unecessary attitude towards Bobby earlier, carly gets drunk in her bedroom. As Lance and Martin go to their car, they find the wheels have been removed and a note saying "I have got your number".


Main cast

Guest cast

WriterMichael Harvey

Series producerJohn Holmes

Exec producer - Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 57 (5 April 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 59 (7 April 1988)Edit

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