H&a ep 56
Sandra Barlow is in hospital and Steven Matheson visits her. Sandra's mum Kerry Barlow says Sam Barlow has been under a lot of pressure lately. Sandra tells her mum to stop making excuses for him and she sticks to her story that her dad hit her. Bob Barnett visits Sam as he suspects he is abusing her but Barlow tries to fob him off. Bob says if Sandra sticks to her guns he could end up in court. Ailsa Hogan visits Sandra in hospital. Sandra and Steven talk and she is sure that she will be fostered now. Steven says he will never forget her if she does move away. Tom Fletcher gets a phonecall from The Nutter to say that the dance is off. Him and Frank Morgan suggest the Church Hall, so the Nutter does not know. At the hospital, Barlow visits his daughter Sandra and Steven looks daggers at him. Barlow asks if Steven has a problem and Steve walks off.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Lyn Oglivy

Series Producer John Holmes

Exec Producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 55 (1 April 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 57 (5 April 1988)Edit

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