It is Go
H&a ep 55
od Friday in Summer Bay. Celia Stewart berates Ailsa Hogan for trading on Good Friday. Lynn Davenport thinks God is dead as far as she is concerned so Carly Morris cooks her meat for dinner, wanting to see if Lynn will eat it. Sam Barlow is in a good mood for a change and starts tickling his daughter Sandra Barlow but she gets angry and calls him a bully. Sandra then rushes off to her bedroom. Lyn refuses to eat the meat, showing that she still believes in God and that she will stick to being a vegetarian. Sandra rushes to Ailsa for help. Ailsa comforts her. When Sandra returns home, Sam hits her. A frightened Kerry Barlow says it was an accident when the ambulance is phoned. Lynn goes to church. She makes a sign of the cross.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Greg Stevens

Series Producer John Holmes

Exec Producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 54 (31 March 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 56 (4 April 1988)Edit

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