H&a ep 54
Pippa Fletcher tells Tom Fletcher that she had another call from The Summer Bay Nutter and it was the same voice as last time. He says he will be at the dance. Bobby Simpson calls into see Donald Fisher in his office. Don says that she actually did well in her exam and scored 73%. Sandra Barlow says that she feels safe around Steven Matheson. They kiss while Sally Fletcher watches on. Steven tells her to go. Sam Barlow says to Kerry Barlow that he wants to change and get his life back on track. They plan a holiday. Lance Smart and Martin Dibble discuss selling the parsley as parsley cigarettes. Sandra Barlow comes in from school and Sam says she is very late. She says she went swimming with one of the girls. They tell her they are going on holiday. Sandra says she got an A in science. She says she never did history and did not even fill in the paper. Sam gets annoyed and says the holiday is off. Sam goes off to bed. Kerry says he will be calm in the morning. Fisher calls round to seel Ailsa Hogan for a drink. He reconsiders resigning from his position as teacher. Frank and Bobby are sat in their caravan when they smell smoke and burning grass from Lance and Martin's caravan. They pretend to be the police so Lance and Martin hide their stash. He answers the door and it is only Bobby and Frank. They say for them to throw their parsley cigarettes away of they will dob them in.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Michael Joshua

Series Producer John Holmes

Executive Producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 53 (30 March 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 55 (1 April 1988)Edit

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