H&a ep 51
Scott McPhee wants to know why "Mr and Mrs Neville" are in custody of his son. He is shocked to find it is his own parents Neville McPhee and Floss McPhee. Scott wants to take his son Ben McPhee back home. Donald Fisher is writing out his umpteenth letter handing in his resignation, then realises it is not worded correctly so throws it in the overflowing bin. Celia Stewart visits him but he is not in the mood to talk to her. Donald is upset that after 25 years of teaching he was the deputy of a country school. Neville and Floss got to Scott's house in the city and pitch their tent in his front garden. They say they will not budge until Scott is ready to talk about Ben.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Alison Nisselle

Series Producer John Holmes

Exec producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 50 (25 March 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 52 (29 March 1988)Edit

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