H&a ep 50
Alf Stewart is mad at Frank Morgan for barging in to see Roo at boarding school, having a brawl with someone and the headmistress breaking it up. Alf says he is annoyed Frank lied, saying Roo was coming back to Summer Bay by choice. Frank tells Bobby Simpson the fight he had was with someone who was trying it on with Roo. The man was insulting him, and Roo was laughing so Frank hit him. Fisher is annoyed that he has been turned down for promotion. He moans to Ailsa Stewart in Celia's Store. He feels as if he has lost the Battle Of Waterloo. He says he threatened to resign if he did not get promoted and they said go ahead if he wants to but they will consider his application for the future. He has been in the teaching business for 25 years and feels he needs recognition. Lance's cousin Narelle Smart turns up in Summer Bay to help sing at the dance, but her style is raunchy dancing. Bobby and Frank are not very keen. Narelle says that Bobby should ask Frank out. Neville sees his son Scott McPhee pull up outside Summer Bay House and alerts Floss.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Greg Haddrick

Producer John Holmes

Executive producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 49 (24 March 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 51 (28 March 1988)Edit


first appearance of Narelle Smart.

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