H&a ep 49
Martin Dibble wants to go and find the buried treasure at Sally Fletcher's grans old house but wants 60% of the proceeds if they sell the treasure. Him and Lance Smart go to the house that night with the metal detector. Neville McPhee and Floss McPhee bring their grandson Ben McPhee back from the city. Neville notices his metal detector is missing. Him and Floss reckon it could be those 2 dimwits Lance and Martin who took it. At the house, Lance and Martin search the land with the metal detector and find an old knife but keep searching. They have been searching for 2 hours. They find an old box and think it is the treasure. They take it back to the caravan but find it is nothing but old photos and letters. The following morning, the house owner finds his garden has been dug up in several places and there is mud everywhere. Lance and Martin say to Neville they borrowed it as Sally said she had buried treasure in her grans old house and they wanted to find it for Sally, yeah right. But it was some old photos anyway. Neville sees the knife that they picked up and says it is part of a set and could be worth £1500. Lance and Martin said they thought it was junk and left the rest there. Alf finds out Frank lied to him about what happened between him and Roo Stewart.


Main cast

Guest cast


Series producer John Holmes

Exec producer Alan Bateman

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Next Ep Episode 50 (25 March 1988)Edit

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