H&a ep 46
News spreads that the dance has been cancelled due to The Summer Bay Nutter threatening to cause trouble if the dance goes ahead. Bobby Simpson gets a detention for answering Donald Fisher back at school. Celia Stewart sees Barnett fishing on the beach and says she left a message on his answer machine. They arrange ther date. He gives her 2 fish to cook for dinner that night. Celia leaves. Bobby moans to Carly Morris about how Fisher gets up her nose all the time. Tom Fletcher says they will have the dance at Summer Bay House. He does not want to pander to the whims of the Nutter. Bobby, Carly and Frank Morgan are pleased. Sandra Barlow plans to sneak off to the dance, and also is expecting Steven Matheson to sneak round the Barlow house later on and throws her suspicious father Sam Barlow off the scent when he suspects something is bothering her. She says it is just homework. Lance Smart is disturbed at night by a man hanging around the caravan with a torch. Steven calls round the Barlow household. Tom and Pippa are chatting about the dance when Barnett pulls up in his police car saying the Nutter has left them another message and it is very important.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Dave Worthington

Series producer John Holmes

Exec producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 45 (18 March 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 47 (22 March 1988)Edit


First appearance of Andrew Foley.

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