H&a ep 45
After the grog in Lance Smart and Martin Dibble's caravan blows up, Sgt Bob Barnett disciplines them by telling them to do a weekends community service at the Pappas Farm. The dance is still to go ahead though. Donald Fisher disapproves, saying he does not want loutish behaviour thrown down his throat. Barnett suggest he comes along. Tom Fletcher says if Lance and Martin pull a stunt like that again they are out. Bobby Simpson asks Donald for approval to promote the dance at Summer Bay High School by pinning up a poster on the noticeboard. She says Barnett approved the party. Donald agrees. Donald is out jogging and sees celia also jogging. She says she is actually on Barnett's side about the dance. Don says "damn" and Celia thinks he has sworn in public. Carly is reluctant to go to the dance as she is worried someone may start something, especially after the recent attack on her. Celia phones the police station to give Barnett an answer about his offer of a drink. She gets an answerphone as Barnett is out on duties. He arrives at Summer Bay House saying he had a call from the Summer Bay Nutter, saying if the dance goes ahead there will be trouble.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Alister Webb

Series producer John Holmes

Exec producer Alan Bateman

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Next Ep Episode 46 (21 March 1988)Edit

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