H&a ep 3

Home and Away screen shot episode 3, with Nicolle Dickson (left) and Sharyn Hodgson as Bobby Simpson and Carly Morris

Bobby Simpson gets ready for her first day back at Summer Bay High School. Donald Fisher tells Ailsa Stewart everyone thinks he is a villain of the piece. Ailsa says she does not think he is one. Those two clowns Martin Dibble and Lance Smart start winding up Bobby and Carly Morris. Bobby attacks Martin and gets her uniform ripped. She worries Fisher will dismiss her again. Roo Stewart, the daughter of Alf Stewart starts school again and and calls Fisher "Uncle Donald". Roo explains to Bobby and Carly that Fisher is married to her dads sister Barbara Fisher. Sally Keating is left crying by Ben McPhee and is comforted by Bobby. Tom Fletcher and Pippa Fletcher discuss their finances. Lance and Martin irritate Bobby and Carly again so they take revenge, Carly releases the handbrake of their truck and it rolls down the hill outside the school. As Walter Bertram is reversing out of the school entrance, the car speeds towards him and he looks on in horror as does Martin, Lance, Carly and Bobby.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Greg Haddrick

Producer John Holmes

Executive producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 2 (19 January 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 4 (21 January 1988)Edit


First appearance of Roo Stewart played by Justine Clarke. Justine left the role in 1989 and Roo returned 21 years later in 2010 played by Georgie Parker.

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