H&a ep 38
Floss McPhee brings her grandson Ben McPhee to Summer Bay, still not revealing her true identity and parading as Mrs Neville, even saying her husband Neville McPhee is called Neville. Ben is curious as to why he is called Neville Neville. Neville says Floss is heading for a big heartbreak if she becomes attached to him then reveals her true identity. Sam Barlow is angry because he has been sacked and vows revenge on Tom Fletcher. Tom is offered Sam's old job. Sam also plans revenge on Lance Smart and Martin Dibble. Sandra Barlow confides in Ailsa Hogan that her father is getting more abusive to her and her mother Kerry Barlow. Ailsa suggests she goes to Bob Barnett. Ben looks through some photographs and wonders why "Mr And Mrs Neville" have photos of his dad Scott McPhee as a young man.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Bevan Lee

Series producer John Holmes

Exec producer Alan Bateman

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