H&a ep 2
Carly Morris is rescued by Lance Smart and Martin Dibble from being drowned while swimming in the sea near the beach. Floss McPhee later finds out and thinks that her tarot card readings are right and they can predict things. Her husband Neville McPhee tells her to stop all this nonsense. Bobby Simpson grovels to Walter Bertram about being reinstated at Summer Bay High School. He agrees. In Hogan's Store Bobby tells Donald Fisher and he is horrified. He confronts Bertram about it but he says as he is the principal he can reinstate her if he wants as he believes she has changed. Bobby tells Floss she believes she can change and excel in life. She also says Floss is an old windbag at times but deep down she is OK, after Floss asks her to repeat what she said.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Greg Haddrick

Producer John Holmes

Executive producer Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 1 (18 January 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 3 (20 January 1988)Edit

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