H&a ep 29
Ailsa Hogan is worried about the hate mail message. She considers leaving Summer Bay. Alf Stewart accuses Roo Stewart of being the culprit after one of her magazines is cut to ribbons. Ailsa tells Alf not to just assume Roo sent her the hate mail. Roo admits that she sent the hate mail and then mouths off and Alf says he will be sending her to boarding school. The news about the fire at the community hall has spread like wildfire all over Summer Bay. Steven Matheson chats up Sandra Barlow at school. Carly Morris and Lynn Davenport reckon she fancies him. Roo then accuses Alf of sending her to boarding school so he can be out of the way so he can move Ailsa in. Alf says he was thinking of changing his mind but Roo has blown it after what she just said.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Greg Stevens

Producer John Holmes

Executive producer Alan Bateman

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