H&a ep 25
Ailsa Hogan finds out that Bobby Simpson found the card addressed to her from Donald Fisher in Roo Stewart's locker. Bobby and Roo have a huge fight outside and during the scuffle, Roo drops Ailsa's card. Jeff Samuels breaks the fight up. The card is left on the forecourt. Local school bitch Alison Patterson picks it up. She cheekily says "Ailsa My Darling" to Fisher in the corridor. He wants whoever said it to own up or they will all get detention. Bobby finds out Alison has the card and when they are alone in the corridor, she grabs her, demanding the whereabouts of the card. Ailsa tells Alf Stewart about Roo taking the card and he is furious.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Bevan Lee

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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First appearance of Alison Patterson. Alison was a major supporting character for the next year, involved in many storylines.

First appearance of Jeff Samuels.