H&a ep 218
It is Carly Morris' 18th birthday today. She makes another spur of the moment announcement about her future. She says as she has come of age, she is no longer a foster child. She plans to leave Summer Bay. Pippa Fletcher thinks it is just another harebrained scheme of Carly's. Celia Stewart mocks Lance and Martin's song. Alison Patterson wants Lance Smart to pay for their night out tonight at the dance. Talk about moneygrabbing. Word gets round that Jeff Samuels is leaving town quick smart as he has been found lying to the police and giving false alibis. Steven Matheson wants to part on good terms with Jeff. Jeff is not in the mood. He agrees to shake hands with Stevo and tells him to leave. Alison Patterson has Lance wrapped round her little finger and plans to take him for a ride. Jeff wants to pay everyone back for the time Gary stole from them. He says he wants to "leave this dump with his head held high". Jeff visits his parents grave. Carly has a surprise escort to take her to the dance. She smiles when this mystery person arrives.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Greg Stevens

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Des Monaghan

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