H&a ep 216

Carly Morris is advised by Pippa to thell the police what she knows about the day Gary Samuels died. Pippa is with her when D.I. John Truman asks her questions. Carly says Gary insulted her and she told him to rack off. She had lost her earring and ran when Samuels jumped off the cliff. Martin Dibble's name in the newspaper was spelt Dribble. Carly has her birthday tomorrow and is not in a mood to celebrate with this suspicion hanging over her. It is her 18th birthday as well. Jeff Samuels is sure that his brother Gary would not have jumped. Celia Stewart reckons Gary must have been pushed and she tells Truman this. Stacey Macklin has an alibi for Carly. Lance Smart has a plan to be the next Bob Geldof. Jeff thinks Stacey is providing a false alibi and he is convinced Carly is guilty of killing Gary. Jeff tells her that he is on to her and will prove she is guilty.


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