H&a eppie 214
Everyone in Summer Bay is looking for an alibi. Bobby Simpson is very nervous about the upcoming exam. The exam is held. Alison Patterson wants 1 more minute to complete but time is up. Meanwhile Carly Morris has her own plans. She lost an earring on the day Gary Samuels was pushed, and at the same spot. She worries that she may get implicated. Roo Stewart covers for her. Frank Morgan and Bobby plan to celebrate their engagement in style. Carly throws away the other earring in the sea. Lance Smart and Martin Dibble plan a trip to the city. Alison calls in a favour from Lance. Martin is sure Alison is playing him. Alison hopes to get some money from Lance's lottery win and she plans to "leave this hole" that is Summer Bay when she gets the cheque. Sally Keating has been on the beach picking shells, and she has found Carly's earring. Oops Carly, find a way to get out of this one.


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Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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