H&a ep 213
Jeff Samuels chats with Craig Barnett. The subject of Gary Samuels comes up and Jeff is not convinced that Gary is bad. Alf Stewart drives up to Jeff and says he has some bad news for him. Word gets round that Gary has jumped off a cliff. Steven Matheson is pleased that Samuels has killed himself and says "Good riddance to bad rubbish". Carly Morris seems to know more about Gary Samuels' death than she is letting on and says that maybe someone pushed him off the cliff. Jeff suspects Gary was pushed off the cliff and says that the cops should get to Gary's possible killer before he does. Alf says to Celia Stewart that Samuels was pushed. Alf is the only witness. He says that he saw someone else up on the cliff. Alison Patterson hears of this and taunts Carly.Stacey Macklin knows Jeff covered for Gary over the theft and the Alison business. Gary's death is on the front pages of The Summer Bay Courier. Forensics are on the cliff investigating. They find an earring which could implicate the culprit. Carly has the other earring.


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