H&a ep 207
Bobby Simpson says she answered all the questions in her HSC exam. Roo Stewart feels she judged her wrongly. Bobby is holding an engagement party for her and Frank Morgan and Roo is not invited. Philip Matheson reckons Gary Samuels losing his parents in a car crash is why he turned so bad now. Alf Stewart is shocked to find that Roo was dating a doctor and not telling her. He had overheard Bobby and roo talking about it. Gary Samuels has the Macklins over a barrel. Lance Smart and Martin Dibble want to attend Frank and Bobby's party. Ailsa wonders if Roo invented David to get Bobby off her back over Bobby thinking Roo was after Frank. The party is held. Alison suggests that Carly hooks up with Lance. Gary Samuels makes a pass at Roo.


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