H&a ep 206
Philip Matheson insists that he check Bobby Simpson out after she discharged herself from hospital. Dr Phil Matheson even picks her up, being cruel to be kind. Tom Fletcher and Pippa Fletcher say that Bobby is a bit young to get engaged to Frank Morgan. She worries Frank has second thoughts but Frank says he just had a run in with Carly Morris. Donald Fisher is on the warpath and wants to speak to Bobby, after Alison Patterson told him she faked amnesia to wag school. He wants her to concentrate on her HSC and is shocked to hear she is engaged to Frank. Bobby says she is not giving up on anything when she overhears Fisher slagging her off to Phil, reckoning Alison may have been right. Roo Stewart is back in town and has a few choice words for Bobby. She reckons Bobby will fail her HSC to prove she is a loser. The HSC exam begins.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Maureen Ann Moran

Series Producer -

Exec Producer -

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