H&a ep 203
Summer Bay gets ready for the fun run. Bobby Simpson hurts her ankle so is unable to participate. Jeff Samuels says to Steven Matheson that Craig Barnett will excel at the race whereas Stevo wont. Gary Samuels has organised a robbery at the shop and Philip Matheson's flat. And also a robbery on the office of The Macklin Group. The two robbers then target Summer Bay House. They throw Bobby off the sofa and leave her on the floor unconscious. Craig nears the end but collapses in pain due to his bad knee. Celia Stewart reckons Jeff should tell Bob Barnett about the pills but Jeff says no. Jeff has to say to Phil that Craig may have taken pills. As Phil goes to call an ambulance, Jeff persuades Craig not to tell anyone that he gave them to him. Craig agrees. The Fletchers come home to find the TV missing and no sign of Bobby. Bobby is seen by Ailsa and seems to have memory loss when Ailsa calls her name and Bobby says "Who is Bobby?"


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer -

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

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