H&a ep 1
Donald Fisher is left soaked after being splashed. Yet again Frank Morgan clashes with Fisher at Summer Bay High School. A punch up almost ensues but Steven Matheson restrains Frank. Floss McPhee does another tarot card reading and can predict a death. She worried that Bobby Simpson will cause the death of one of the Fletchers. The Fletchers hand out pamphlets all over Summer Bay. Floss asks Neville for $5 to try and keep Sally here after Bobby offers to take her up town. Neville reluctantly agrees. He is a bit sick of Floss' tarot card reading nonsense, predicting the deaths of residents. Carly Morris and Lynn Davenport chat up Matt Wilson on the beach. Tom Fletcher has been out for work for a while now and wants a job. He says to wife Pippa Fletcher how he seems to be pottering around waiting for their first customer at the caravan park.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer Greg Haddrick

Producer John Holmes

Executive producer Alan Bateman

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