H&a ep 192
Things do not look good for Gary Samuels. He does not have an alibi for last night when he was in "The City". Ailsa Stewart reckons the running of the shop is hard work. She tells Lance Smart and Martin Dibble this but they are not dissuaded. Bobby Simpson, Steven Matheson and Carly Morris are back to Summer Bay High School after the holidays. Carly reckons that it is the perverts that get protected and not the victims when there is no real proof that Samuels attacked the girl last night. While Gary was being questioned there was another attack on a hitch hiker, so Gary is innocent. The hitch hiker fought back and the attacker was caught. The same man who attacked the girl in Yabbie Creek last night. A photo of him is shown to Carly and she recognises him. As usual, pernickerty Fisher still won't let them off detention for bad mouthing Jeff Samuels.


Main cast

Guest cast

Writer - Anne Brooksbank

Series Producer - John Holmes

Exec Producer - Alan Bateman

Prev Ep Episode 191 (10 October 1988)Edit

Next Ep Episode 193 (12 October 1988)Edit

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